Colorbond Roofing


House with pool — Roofing in Shellharbour, NSW
Australia - and Illawarra - has particularly harsh weather at times, and that means our roofing can take a beating. From extreme high temperatures down to freezing, not to mention the sand, dust, and hail - it’s no wonder that roof damage is such a common issue.
Enter Colorbond. It was made with Australia’s intense weather conditions in mind and has been tested against these conditions both in real-world applications as well as in laboratory tests. It’s a steel roofing material that has been specially treated to resist issues like rusting, fading and corrosion. Not only that, but it comes in over 20 stylish colours to easily coordinate with virtually any home’s exterior.
With so many colour options, it’s easy to find something that not only goes well with your home, but that also reflects your personal sense of style. Sheps Roofing Service's residential roof specialists are trained in the installation of Colorbond steel roofing. We can replace your existing roof with this newer material, and instantly enhance the look of your house.
Since many of our tradesmen are specifically trained in this material, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality installation to go along with this unbeatable product.
To find out more about our roofing services and the Colorbond brand, give us a call. We would love to answer any questions you might have so you can make an informed decision on which roofing options are right for your home.
If you decide to go with Colorbond products, we can also supply matching fascia and gutters and install your new materials quickly and without any hassles.